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A friend and I watched the HBO film Grey Gardens, which seems to be a film about the making of the documentary, also titled Grey Gardens, andone of my favourite films. My friend found the pair disturbing, but I thought the movie treated these ladies with dignity. Yes, they were upper-class Hamptonites, but in the end, as Big Edie is abandoned by her husband in favour of the secretary, only to die, leaving her very little, they were also a victim of their time and sex. For reasons perhaps unclear to anyone but little and big Edie, they remained there as eccentric recluses rather than sell Grey Gardens and move on. The HBO film gives the story something that the documentary filmmakers did not- a conclusion in which both women confirm both their dignity and their bond. 

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The lady on the left is actually a prostitute (a courtesan, so an upper class prostitute). Not sure about the lady on the right. 

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World Map on a Fools Head

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